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Disability Equality Training Courses

Positive About Disabled People

In recent years, many public and private sector bodies have gradually realised that their work practices and policies fall far short of fulfilling the needs, rights and aspirations of disabled people who are their clients, customers and co-workers and that, in order to change this situation, they need to turn to disabled people for education and guidance.

From this realisation has grown the demand for Disability Equality Training run by disabled people, which aims to help people understand the meaning of disability, identify changes in work practice, and plan strategies to implement change.

Course objectives include

Understand disability from both a human rights and equality perspective;
Understand the business case for promoting disability equality and diversity;
Understand that training is a key agent of change;
Be able to understand disability according to the Social Model of Disability;
Be able to understand what is meant by diversity and why it is essential in delivering service excellence;
Consider own attitudes and assumptions to/about disabled people;
Be able to explain why equality for disabled people is essential to delivering service excellence for all;
Be able to demonstrate good manners (including positive language) when communicating with and about disabled people;
Be able to explain how disability discrimination legislation impacts on your organisation,
Utilise best practice tools to ensure that the organisation meets the requirements of relevant disability discrimination legislation;
The promotion of disability equality in service delivery and employment.

Course duration: Half Day, Full Day, Multiple Days
Course capacity: Maximum of 15 people
Course location: In-house and external

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